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Required Student Application

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Rehearsals are generally held on Tuesdays from the beginning of September through the end of May. You can view the 2023-2024 schedule to understand the level of commitment for next season below: 

2024-25 Registration FAQs


Why should my child register?

If your child is passionate about singing and expanding their music education, then they should definitely consider registering for the Preparatory Chorus or auditioning for the Children's Chorus. Our singers come from different schools and diverse backgrounds, and enjoy being in a supportive environment with peers who share their love for music. The Children's Choruses are part of the greater Cleveland Orchestra Chorus family, and are encouraged to continue their musical journey through high school and even into adulthood. Choristers that would like to join the Preparatory Chorus do not need to audition. Interest singers will only need to register! 

How does registration for the Preparatory Chorus work? 

The registration form is an application that collects  information on the singer's musical background and contact information for them and their families which will be helpful as we prepare for the season. After completing this form, you will be a member of the Preparatory Chorus and will receive information about the season and rehearsals. We will work with you to understand your chorister's voice and range before the start of the season. Interested singers should complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM by Wednesday, May 15th, 2024. 

My child has never taken any instrumental or vocal lessons. Should they still register?

Yes! We encourage any student who loves to sing and is eager to enhance their knowledge of music to  register for the Preparatory Chorus. Private music lessons are not required to participate in any of the Cleveland Orchestra Choruses, and most choristers do not have any professional musical training.

I want to learn more about the Children's Choruses. Where can I find additional information?

Our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page is a great place to learn more about the Children's Choruses.

I still have more questions. Who should I contact?

Contact Angel Tyler, Children's Choruses Manager, at She'll be happy to assist you.

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