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Why should my child audition?

If your child is passionate about singing and expanding their music education, then they should definitely consider auditioning for the Children's Choruses. Our singers come from different schools and diverse backgrounds, and enjoy being in a supportive environment with peers who share their love for music. The Children's Choruses are part of the greater Cleveland Orchestra Chorus family, and are encouraged to continue their musical journey through high school and even into adulthood. 

How long is one season?

Each year, choristers commit to attending rehearsals and performances for one season, which typically runs from September through May. During the summer, the Children's Chorus may also be asked to perform with The Cleveland Orchestra at the Blossom Music Center if the repertoire calls for children's voices. Such summer performances are highly encouraged but are not usually mandatory.

Who is eligible for the Children's Choruses?

The Children's Chorus is open to students entering grades 6 through 9. The Preparatory Chorus is open to students in grades 5 through 8. All students participating in the Children's Chorus for season 2023-2024 must be fully vaccinated. 

What kind of time commitment is required?

Rehearsals occur on Tuesday evenings throughout the school year. The Preparatory Chorus rehearses from 6:00  to 7:30 pm for most of the school year. The Children’s Chorus rehearses from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Families should anticipate additional rehearsal time during concert weeks. 


What will the 2023-24 season look like?

The Children's Chorus will have the opportunity to perform at Blossom Music Center in July 2023 alongside The Cleveland Orchestra and the Blossom Festival Chorus in the live film presentation of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. They will also perform on our annual holiday concerts at Severance with The Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus, with additional community concerts in the winter and spring.   

So, there are two groups?

Yes. Many of our students spend at least one year in the Preparatory Chorus, where they work on solidifying their foundation in musical literacy and vocal technique. Students can then audition to move up to the Children’s Chorus, where they’ll work on more technically complex music while committing to a more robust concert schedule, including performances alongside The Cleveland Orchestra each year.

My son's voice has started changing.  Is he still eligible to sing with Choruses? 

The Children's Choruses are treble ensembles; all boys must have unchanged voices in order to participate. However, boys whose voices have begun changing are invited to audition for the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus, an SATB ensemble affiliated with The Cleveland Orchestra. Click here to learn more.


Is there a cost to participate?

Starting with the 23-24 season, there will be no tuition cost to participate in our choruses! 

Families purchase their child’s concert attire (about $60 + shipping), which can be worn year after year and is the same for both groups. However, families are never turned away due to financial hardship, and attire scholarships are readily available through a simple application.


What is an audition like?

Auditionees should try to relax and not get too nervous. Our directors are welcoming and will do their best to make your child feel comfortable. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "perfect audition." Making some mistakes will not automatically exclude your child from being accepted into the program. 

If your child has a favorite song, they are encouraged to share their song at auditions. Our directors would love to hear your child sing something that is familiar and enjoyable. If your child does not have a song to share, directors will have them sing a familiar song and go through some simple vocal exercises to get a better understanding for their voice. 

Accepted students will be placed in the appropriate ensemble – Children’s Chorus or Preparatory Chorus – at the directors’ discretion.

When will my child know the results of their audition?

Students are typically informed the result of their audition via email within two weeks of the audition date. 


How can my child prepare for their audition?

Preparing for an audition is easy! Simply go to our PREPARE FOR YOUR AUDITION webpage to access a variety of audition study materials that our directors have put together for you to use. Resources include sheet music downloads and accompaniment tracks of the audition pieces listed above, as well as rhythmic and melodic sight-reading examples. This page is meant to be used as a tool to help prepare vocally for an audition. The materials on this page do not need to be memorized for the audition. 

How do I schedule an audition for my child?

Visit our AUDITIONS web page. There you will find simple step-by-step instructions to complete the audition process from start to finish.

I have more questions!

Contact our Chorus Coordinator at Victoria will be happy to assist you!

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