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Practice Assignments - Rehearsal Recordings - Study Tracks

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  1. Practice Dona Nobis Pacem (3x at least) replacing the words with the solfege as we did last night. Get comfortable singing with tall vowels (DAW-nah, NAW-bees, PAH-chEHm). Use the practice tracks to help you sing your part - can you sing the entire song without a mistake?

  2. Music of Life - Please practice the entire song. Use the YouTube link to help you, and practice each line at M. 19 - we will determine which voice you will sing once we have our standing arrangement set this Tuesday.

  3. Memorize (if not already memorized) Come Ye Sons, I See the Moon, and I Am But a Small Voice. Quiz yourself by singing it without looking at your music. If you forget a word, look at it and sing through it again from that spot a couple of times to help you memorize it!

COCPC Homework Voice Number
for absentee check-ins and occasional group assignments

Chorus Hotline
for rehearsal updates and reporting a last-minute tardiness/absence

Review & download the Children's Choruses Handbook:

This week's Homework
Due ON 4/9


Study tracks, solfege, & annotations

Practice tracks

Dona Nobis Pacem

I Sing Because I'm Happy

Solfege + Annotations

Listen on the go



Rehearsal Handout Copies
Click on the buttons below to view/download handout copies.

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