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Preparatory Chorus Singers:

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This week's Homework
Due May 2

Thank you for an absolutely outstanding rehearsal last night! We have just one more Tuesday night rehearsal before our spring concert. As I said in last week's message, with the fun, busy spring we have in front of us, remember to take care of yourselves so you stay healthy and present.


I would also like to reiterate what Mrs. Rosza said after our combined rehearsal and encourage you all to audition to sing with the Children's Chorus next season (including this summer for Lord of the Rings!). She and I spoke after rehearsal, as we do each Tuesday evening, and she told me how impressed she was with all of you- your singing and how you conducted yourselves during rehearsal. 🙂


Thank you to everyone who volunteered to introduce our music at the concert. Congratulations to Alexandra, Aubree, Hamish, Holden, Kanitha, Lilly, and Riya! I will send each of you separate emails with your introductions to memorize. 


There will be no check-ins for absensences this week: However, please be sure that all music is solidly memorized.


For everyone:


Las Mañanitas:

  • Altos: review measures 53-68, specifically the "despierta" section. Additionally, please practice mm. 29-36 (King David), focusing on breath support to keep the note B in tune, as well as the "Las Mañanitas" refrain for the same reason.

  • All: Keep this fresh in your memory!

  • Resources: Soprano with words or Alto with words; If you already feel solid with the words then use these tracks Soprano or Alto without the words.  Additionally, if Spanish is what is most challenging for you, practice with the pronunciation video; Finally, here is the translation.


Al Shlosha D'Varim:

  • Sopranos: review measures 29-45, specifically the key change, to practicing singing the correct part of that phrase (starting on C versus starting on E)

  • All: Keep this fresh in your memory! 


J'entends le moulin

  • Review this for memorization. You did really well remembering the mini two-measure introductions and what came after them! Reminder: first section is in French, second section is in English (including the repetition of "I Hear the Windmill"), third section is a combination (pay special attention to memorizing this section), and the final section is in French.

  • Here is a practice track that includes both parts together for everyone and the descant for the small group.  


Home on the Range and Pat Works on the Railway

  • Great work! Keep these fresh in your memory and think about what you are singing about! All are linked on the website and are on the YouTube Playlist



As always, if you have any questions, please let me know how I can help.


Miss a rehearsal? Find instructions + your check-in assignment below

1.    Practice first
2.    Call 21
3.    Listen to message
4.    State your name

5.    Record the assignment

No check in this week! Know your music.

Study tracks, solfege, & annotations

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