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Practice Assignments - Rehearsal Recordings - Study Tracks

We are getting closer to our concert on Dec. 9th! We know all of the notes and rhythms, now we just need to start memorizing so we can make some beautiful music together. We also need to be mindful as we get closer to our concert about how we look when we perform. We will be testing our stamina for standing as well as being very particular about the way we stand. This will require some self-regulation - so let's practice how we will perform.


For HW this week:

  1. Memorize The Star (all). See if you can sing the entire song from memory.

  2. Memorize Nino Lindo (all in Spanish).

  3. Memorize Suo-Gan (only the 1st verse - in Welsh!). Use the pronunciation guides and listen to the YouTube link found at the bottom of the Phonetic Pronunciation Guide.

COCPC Homework Voice Number
for absentee check-ins and occasional group assignments

Chorus Hotline
for rehearsal updates and reporting a last-minute tardiness/absence

Review & download the Children's Choruses Handbook:

This week's Homework
Due ON 11/21


Study tracks, solfege, & annotations

Practice tracks

Niño Lindo

The Star

Suo-Gan Verse 1Pronunciation
00:00 / 04:59

Listen on the go



Rehearsal Handout Copies
Click on the buttons below to view/download handout copies.

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