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Weekly Practice

May 2

Dear COCC, 


Thank you for a great rehearsal last night!  Your hard work is paying off, we should have a really fun next 3 weeks together. I'm so looking forward to working with the Tri-C vocal arts academy on Saturday with all of you and Dr. Caldwell. 


Please make sure to have all of your music, including "One Voice" and "Pat works on the railway", memorize for next Tuesday's rehearsal. And, next Tuesday is concert week!  If you were absent last night due to illness, I hope you rest up and get better soon. 


Mrs. Rozsa

Rehearsal Recordings

Download the COCC Handbook here:

Google Voice Number
for absentee check-ins and occasional group assignments

COCC Hotline
for rehearsal updates and reporting a last-minute tardiness/absence

Important Resources

Soloist resources

von Trapp singer parts:

High: Elise, Sedona, Thea, Colette

Low: August, Maren, Jaiden

Marias: Brooke, Katherine B.

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