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How to Audition for the Children's Chorus


Complete the Online Application & Upload a Student Photo

Each student who wants to audition for the Children's Chorus must complete the ONLINE AUDITION APPLICATION.

At the end of the application, you will be required to upload a picture of your child, which will be used for office purposes only. 

The picture should focus on the student's face and may be taken informally with a smartphone. Pictures may not exceed 10 MB

and should be in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, or GIF. You will not be able to submit the application without the photo, so please have it ready to upload. 


Schedule Your Child's Audition


To book your child's audition time slot, please visit our SCHEDULE YOUR AUDITION page. The online booking system is user friendly and will automatically send you confirmation and reminder emails as the audition date approaches.


Prepare for the Audition


Auditioning is an exciting experience that we do not want auditionees to stress over! Our directors are welcoming and will do their best to make your child feel comfortable. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "perfect audition." Making some mistakes will not automatically exclude your child from being accepted into the program. 

If your child has a favorite song, they are encouraged to share their song at auditions. Our directors would love to hear your child sing something that is familiar and enjoyable for your child. If your child does not have a song to share, directors will have them sing a familiar song and sing some vocal exercises to get a better understanding of their voice. 


Tools to practice for their audition are located on our PREPARE FOR YOUR AUDITION page.

You will be able to download sample rhythmic and melodic sight-reading passages. Don't worry if the sight-reading passages seem confusing to you and/or your child. The directors will explain what to do during the audition, and they recognize that many auditionees do not have any sight-reading experience. Performance on the sight-reading component does not affect acceptance and only helps us place students in the ensemble where they can achieve the most success.


Day of Audition Reminders

On the day of your child's audition, please:

  • Follow the arrival instructions that will be included in your email confirmation and reminder emails after you schedule your child's audition.

  • Do not worry about bringing sheet music for an audition piece. Music will be provided at the audition if the auditionee does not have a song prepared. 

Students are typically informed the result of their audition via email within one week of the audition date. 


If you have trouble completing any part of the audition process, please do not hesitate to contact Angel Tyler, Chorus Manager, at    

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